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Why WebBuzz?

If you know how to send an email with an attachment you can build and manage your website


At WebBuzz we understand that you are looking for the best value. For this reason we've combined the highest level of quality, ease-of-use and affordability into the Internet's best website solution for small businesses, entrepreneurs and charities.

For All Charities / NON - Profit Organizations we provide web solutions for free based on the requirements. Conditions apply please contact our office for further information

Following are some of the reasons to consider WebBuzz as your website solution partner.

Every business the cost  is mentioned at the end after features at WebBuzz we say at the begining as its very less with great quality for less. No where else on the web will you find our unique combination of quality and value.

Award Winning Design
WebBuzz offers hundreds of professionally designed templates - that are all developed by our experienced senior / award winner design team. This assures you the highest level of quality representation on the web for a cost lower than your monthly phone bill.

Easy To Use Web Site Editor
No software. No HTML programming. No hassles.

Unlike other website builders, irun allows you to add subpages for any and all of your main links for a professionally structured web site.

Plus, as easily as sending an Email or typing a letter you can edit your own website so you'll never have to pay a web designer for service fees again. Our website builder works just like Microsoft Word, complete with many of the same great functions, including:

  •  Bold 
  •  Italics
  •  Coloured text
  •  Align left, right, centre
  •  Bullets, lists, tables
  •  Password protection
  •  Links to other web sites
  •  Upload attachments (for example: PDFs, PowerPoints, MPEGs, Spreadsheets)
  •  Create subpages
  •  Various page layouts
  •  Add images (your own or from our extensive Image Library)
  •  Upload images/photos directly from your digital camera
  •  Custom forms (for example, contact and feedback)

Web Based
Customers love the fact that our entire system is web-based which means no downloads, upgrades or hassles configuring your computer for installation. The only requirement is that you have access to the web!

Because we're web-based, you can manage your website from anywhere in the world, at any time. We've also taken steps to ensure security, using the same security technology in place with all major banks. (Go to peace of mind).

This also means that any business worldwide can use WebBuzz's online website builder whether you're from New York or New Delhi, Toronto or Tokyo, London or Lima.

Hosting of the website and Email addresses are included in all WebBuzz web site packages.

Web Marketing
Let the world know! We go much further than just providing you with a great looking web site. Included in every WebBuzz package are the following components:

Newsletter sign-up: gather Email addresses from people who visit your web site and then stay in contact with them by sending out special promotions, deals or information that helps you stay top-of-mind. 
Dyanmic Forms: Your visitors can submit their request online to you 

Canadian Based Company: WebBuzz is canadian based company, and which is located in your town near to you as well as easy to access

Search Engines: implement your own page titles, keywords (meta-tags), description and relevant content on each and every page. These get picked up by search engine crawlers/robots and help improve your rankings. 
Site Advertisment: you can place advertisments/banners on your website on site header or footer or side bars

Web Mail:
Never be out of touch with your customers or suppliers. Also, communicate with a professional Email address (for example,
yourname@yourcompany.com) as opposed to Freemail accounts from Yahoo! or Hotmail (good for friends and family... bad for business).

Additionally, WebBuzz's webmail integrates with Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express.

Every WebBuzz customer has web access to the following features from any computer connected to the Internet:

  •  Check mail in real time (via the Internet)
  •  Compose/Reply/Forward  
  •  Contacts address book  
  •  Drafts  
  •  Sent items  
  •  Folder management  
  •  Account management 

Even though we offer great design, you can further customize your web site for your business. You can upload images from your computer at any time and even create your own headers to make your web site truly unique and representative of your business.

And, like everything else at WebBuzz, you don't need any special programming knowledge to accomplish this!

Best of all, with WebBuzz you're teaming up with a company that truly understands the web and is constantly upgrading its service to exceed your requirements. Our commitment is to continue to be the Internet's most advanced web site builder - plain and simple.

WebBuzz can be simply defined as a team helping your business integrating to internet just like open your office

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